vets dating

I am a patriotic citizen, I love the military and love Virginia. He is a veteran and lives in Virginia. I send him friend request on and we started chatting on Vets Dating’s website. At this point we hadn’t met each other yet.

We were just chat friends, no romance. I ignored him for a few weeks but he was a bit of smart ass. I thought he was just another dweeb on the internet. After a few weeks we chatted again. He seemed different. We actually spoke about serious stuff. We became friends and it turned to romantic. We looked forward to emails and chats everyday. We still hadn’t met. We hadn’t spoken on the phone yet either.

One night when he was in New Orleans with his unit during hurricane Katrina. I decided to give him my phone number. He called we spoke. It was nice to finally hear his voice. We spoke every night from that day on. We had our first date two months later. Where? In Pittsburgh of course! We are made for each other. He is one of the most bravest, honorable, amazing people I know. We have been together for five years. Thank you Vets Dating!

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